Affiliate Marketing / E-Commerce

Knomo already had a strong presence in the United Kingdom in the technology and fashion accessory industry, and wanted to extend their reach into the US market. It was important for them to increase their brand awareness to the US consumer as well as increase their direct-to-consumer sales with their online web store. The main objective of this campaign was to increase sales, revenue and overall website traffic. We also wanted to increase the website conversion rate, build the customer database and expand the brand’s Internet exposure.


To meet this goal, we developed a Performance Marketing campaign that focuses on the development of a fully managed Affiliate Program. Through the program, we would engage and recruit high performing power affiliates that range from PPC experts, Email Marketers, Bloggers & monetized content websites, along with Coupon, Cash-back and Deal-a-Day websites. Eventually, the Affiliate Program would also power performance-driven software such as Onsite Offer Modules, Cart Abandonment Technology, and Boost a Sale System, all of which are aimed to increase overall online customer engagement, retention, conversion rates and sales.


This campaign was a success for each stated goal and every metric measured since its inception. Beginning in July 2015 through December 2015, overall traffic to the website increased by 22% from the time period in 2014 (167,405 visitors vs. 137,848 visitors), YoY (Year-over-Year). Most importantly, web store revenue increased by 42% and the Average Order Value increased by 21%, also YoY.

In particular, during the Q4 holiday shopping season, there was a revenue increase of 30% and an Average Order Value increase of 27%, YoY.

Overall, Q4 2015 represented the highest revenue months in the Knomo web store history. During this time, the Affiliate Program was Knomo’s highest performing channel (compared to Direct and Google Organic traffic) generating 31% of the revenue, at a conversion rate of 1.9%, which is also the highest of all the channels. During this time, there were 434 sales from over 23,000 visitors.

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